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Youth and Reproductive Health Issues in the Syrian Arab Republic

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The study examined to shed light on some of the social and economic problems, educational, family and health, which are exposed young people, in order to take these problems and how its size The study aimed to highlight the role of social and economic factors and health on the process of economic and social development in the Syrian Arab Republic. And stand on the most important obstacles to the development of optimal reproductive health and take it. And provide young people with concepts that illuminate the way in this area to ensure good mental health and physical health intact in order to contribute to the payment of the desired development process The study used methods of statistical analysis, whether descriptive or analytical, and the sample consisted of 1200 young men and women, between the ages of (15-39) years, and used the resolution to achieve the objectives of the study, where the results were analyzed by the statistical program SPSS, 11.5 reported results of the study to1.25% young people's knowledge of family planning was weak. 1.25% young people's knowledge of family planning was weak 2. 20% respondents did not know the proper age for pregnancy. 3. 36% of respondents in favor of the natural inhibitor which means unsafe. 4. 52% only support the use of family planning methods. 5. 15% to Aaaadon spacing. 6. 37% did not know the benefits of birth spacing 7.82% knew the risks of abortion. The study recommended: efforts to reduce the rate of population growth in Syria. The achievement of justice and balance in the distribution of public services, including reproductive health services between urban and rural areas. Reconsider the relationship between the family members of the Syrian inspire the spirit of democracy in the decision-making in matters relating to reproductive health Of the most important foundations of the success of reproductive health programs, non-discrimination between male and female, and the emphasis in the application of medical examinations before marriage. Emphasis on the negative aspects of inbreeding, work to raise the educational level of women and address the causes of early marriage. Direction of the media and leadership training and media editors and make them aware of the importance of addressing the issues of adolescence and reproductive health

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