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Window Based Smart Antenna Design for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocol
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 63 - 80

Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) have drawn considerable attentions of the researchers for the last few years. MANETs, consisting of mobile nodes, are self-organizing and self-configuring and hence can be deployed without any infrastructure support. MANETs also have some limitations including short-life, unreliability, scalability, latency, high interference, and limited resources. In order to overcome these limitations many innovations and researches have been done in this field. Incorporating smart antenna system with the mobile nodes is one of them. It has been shown in the literatures that smart antenna can improve network capacity, increase network lifetime, reduce delay, and improve scalability by using directional radiation pattern. But, there are some unsolved issues too. Smart antenna requires a large number of antenna elements that a resource constraint mobile node can hardly handle. Hence, one major design issue is to achieve a desired radiation pattern by using minimum number of antenna elements. Another important issue is the arrangement of antenna elements. Antenna elements can be arranged in linear, planar, and circular manners. In this paper we have addressed these issues. We have proposed a window based smart antenna design for MANETs. Our target is to improve the routing performance of MANETs. We have shown that by using appropriate window function a desired radiation pattern can be achieved with a minimum number of antenna elements.

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JournalInternational Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks
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