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Wind load calculations: Is simplification possible?
Published in
Volume: 28
Issue: 4
Pages: 485 - 493
Various wind standards and building codes are available for evaluating wind loads on buildings with common shapes. International wind standards provided by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE 7-05) and National Research Council of Canada (NBC 2005) are among the most commonly used building codes in the various parts of the world. This research work is mainly focused on developing simplified equations for the approximate calculation of wind forces based on the recommendations of ASCE 7-05 and NBC 2005. A sixty storied flexible tall building with square geometry has been analyzed for wind loads for different exposure conditions provided by these building codes. Based on the results of analyses, simplified equations are developed for the calculation of wind forces by using nonlinear regression analysis. For each exposure condition a different equation is developed. These equations will help the beginners in the field of civil and architectural engineering to calculate wind forces with reasonable accuracy without going into the laborious calculations. © 2012 Pakistan Journal of Statistics.
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