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Wearable wristworn gesture recognition using echo state network
Wang W., Liang X., , Heidari H.
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 875 - 878
This paper presents a novel gesture sensing system for prosthetic limb control based on a pressure sensor array embedded in a wristband. The tendon movement which produces pressure change around the wrist can be detected by pressure sensors. A microcontroller is used to gather the data from the sensors, followed by transmitting the data into a computer. A user interface is developed in LabVIEW, which presents the value of each sensor and display the waveform in real-time. Moreover, the data pattern of each gesture varies from different users due to the non-uniform subtle tendon movement. To overcome this challenge, Echo State Network (ESN), a supervised learning network, is applied to the data for calibrating different users. The results of gesture recognition show that the ESN has a good performance in multiple dimensional classifications. For experimental data collected from six participants, the proposed system classifies five gestures with an accuracy of 87.3%. © 2019 IEEE.