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Using video conferencing for blended teaching at Ajman university of science and technology

Published in IATED
Pages: 2155 - 2164

Video conferencing may be defined as real time, interactive communication between individuals, between groups, or between individuals and groups via visual and audio contact. Video conferencing offers new dimensions in learning support by facilitating interaction and dialogue between physically remote groups of learners and facilitators. It allows students and instructors to share learning experiences by seeing, hearing and interacting with each other. Video conferencing is an important component of the blended learning model adopted by Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) for some of its classes. This particular model combines an equal balance of traditional face-to-face and video conferencing, complemented with the use of a learning management system (Moodle). The aim of this study is to explore student perception of and performance in classes that use video conferencing in their …

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