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The wound healing and antibacterial potential of triple-component nanocomposite (chitosan-silver-sericin) films loaded with moxifloxacin
Published in Elsevier BV
PMID: 31002933
Volume: 564
Pages: 22 - 38


The current study reports the development and evaluation of chitosan-sericin-silver nanocomposite (CSSN) films without and with moxifloxacin (Mox).


The film preparation method involved the in-situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles within the chitosan-sericin colloidal composite followed by preparation into a film by solvent casting technique. In-situ formation and the particle size analysis of the silver nanoparticles was performed via UV-Visible and zeta-size spectrometer. The prepared films were tested for swelling ratio, contents uniformity, in-vitro Mox release, and permeation analysis. The morphological (SEM), elemental (EDX), spectral (FT-IR), structural (XRD), and thermal (TGA and DSC) properties of the composites were also inspected. The antibacterial activity of the CSSN films was performed against seven pathogenic bacterial strains including five ATCC and two clinical strains. The potential wound healing activity of the composite films was evaluated on burn wound model induced in Sprague Dawley male rats.


The prepared films displayed good swelling profile with a sustained in-vitro Mox release and permeation profile; attaining maximum of 78.57% (CSSM3) release and 55.05% (CSSM1) permeation (CSSM1) in 24 h. The prepared films, particularly the Mox-loaded CSSN films displayed a promising antibacterial activity against all the tested strains with the activity being highest against MRSA (clinical isolates). The prepared films indicated a remarkable wound healing applications with successful fibrosis, collagen reorganization, neovascularization, and mild epidermal regeneration after 7 days of treatment with no silver ions detection in animal’s blood.


The obtained findings strongly suggest the use of the prepared novel composite dressing for wound care applications.

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