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The structure and function of the central nervous system and sense organs in the canon of medicine by Avicenna
Published in Academy of Medical Sciences of I.R. Iran
PMID: 28112536
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Pages: 67 - 70
Ibn Sina (1037 AD), also known as Avicenna in the V\fest, is recognized as one of the forefathers of modern medicine. He was widely accepted as an influential and leading scientific figure of the medieval ages. His book the "Canon of Medicine" collected all aspects of medical knowledge available from ancient Greek and Muslim sources and also added his own. The medical information he collected ranged from basic medical sciences to applied and specialized medical fields. In the current vignette, we present an analysis of the basic anatomy of the brain, spinal cord and some sense organs as presented in the Canon of medicine and compare their relevance in modern medical practice and human anatomy knowledge. © 2017, Academy of Medical Sciences of I.R. Iran. All rights reserved.
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JournalArchives of Iranian Medicine
PublisherAcademy of Medical Sciences of I.R. Iran
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