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The Relationship of the Ownership Pattern to the Methods of Dialogue Programs for Sustainable Development Issues: A Comparative Analytical Study: Health Issues as a Model

Published in Ain Shams University - Middle East Research Center
Volume: 3
Issue: 44
Pages: 57 - 110

This current study was attempted to identify the impact of the form and content of the dialogue program with ownership patterns in Arabic satellite channels. Also to explain if there is variation in the pattern between the government and the private satellite channels. This study adopted the descriptive analytical approach using the content analysis tool for data collection and analysis, form a purposive sample of two dialogue programmes for three months (March-April- May 2016) that has been transmitted during evening period for the programme “Hope You Are Well" at Dubai Satellite Channel and the dialogue program "Green Apple at "Channel 1 MBC. The study results indicated that the average length of the new of five minutes and more in the Hope You Are Well program, gained the first rank. The data indicated that medical specialized guests gained the top position of a percentage equal to 75.58% than other guests’ specialization in this program. Concerning the methods of issue and topic treatment the Green Apple program at Channel 1 MBC gained the first rank for the short length news, channel concerns with the various health guidance and advice for the audience using various demonstrations, it was found that Green Apple programme gained the first rank, while Hope You Are Well programme presented at the basic topic in the episode in the form of a dialogue and treated once within the episode for more than ten minutes to know the recent and important medical situation in United Arab Emirates in addition to understand and being aware about advanced medical technologies, sector services, tourism treatments and leisure new medical services. Concerning pattern ownership and the important program issues, the results indicated that Hope You Are Well program achieved the first rank and gained a percentage of 89% against the Green Apple program which gained 53%. Concerning the kind of audiences participation, it was observed that “outside studio interviews” is the most nearest participatory methods in dialogic programs for the study sample, technical forms that have been used by dialogue programs the “dialogue “ achieved the first rank for editing form in Hope You Are Well program, and the “direct speech” in Green Apple program at the first rank.

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JournalMiddle East Journal, Ain Shams University
PublisherAin Shams University - Middle East Research Center
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