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The cultural, social and psychological effects of the use of social Media by Gulf youth

Published in kunuz alhikma for Publishing, Algeria
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Pages: 10 - 41

This study seeks to expose the cultural, social and psychological effects of the social networks upon the University Gulf youth, and gratifications resulting from such use. The researcher used the questionnaire tool upon an arbitrary specific sample of 300 persons of the university Gulf students at both the universities of Ajman and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: 138 male and186 female involved in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This study belongs to the explorative and descriptive studies that relied on the Media survey method. The study results showed that the most positive cultural implications of the social networking sites to identify other cultures and increase vocabulary. Feeling of happiness when communicating with old friends; sharing others’ occasions and concerns is one of the social and psychological impacts. However, The majority –of the above mentioned sample - said that these social networking sites allowed the facility of talks between the young people of both gender without the knowledge of the family, so it is considered as a negative consequence of these sites. The Satisfaction resulted from using networking sites to get information about all the events and issues in the community and help to spend leisure time.

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JournalAl-Hikma Journal for Communication and Media Studies
Publisherkunuz alhikma for Publishing, Algeria
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