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The linewidths and pintegrated intensities of the d-d transitions in photoacoustic spectra of polyamine copper(II) complexes
Guskos N., Typek J., Papadopoulos G.J., Maryniak M.,
Published in
Volume: 23
Issue: 4
Pages: 955 - 960
Photoacoustic spectra of the d-d transitions for three different series of copper(II) complexes of spermidines Spn (Spn323, Spn333, Spn343), Spm (Spm323, Spm333, Spm343) and Spc (Spc323, Spc333) have been investigated. Replacements of distant atoms, the presence or absence of water molecule in the structure, the kind of ligands surrounding the metal(II) ions have a strong influence on the crystal field splitting and the intensities of the non-radiative transitions. Non-radiative processes are involved in important mechanisms of the dynamic interactions between the electrons and the lattice. Studies of the intensities of the non-radiative transitions provide a very important data for the thermodynamic states of these systems. Photoacoustic absorption band of the d-d transitions could be decomposed into three lines (due to the crystal field splitting) with different intensities, positions and linewidths. The integrated intensities may yield information about the number of non-radiative processes, while the linewidths about the mechanisms of the relaxation processes.
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JournalMaterials Science- Poland
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