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The gemstones and the interest of abbasids in them in their first era
Hamodi I.S.M., Gonimat Q.M., Al-Qateeb S.Z.,
Published in University of Jordan
Volume: 45
Issue: 3
Pages: 19 - 29
Gemstones are one of the unique things that Almighty Allah created in the universe because of their form, beauty, colors and shapes. Gemstones attracted the attention of people over history and in particular during the first Abbasid period. The caliphs of Bani Abbas were interested in gathering every precious thing especially the gemstones which were unique not found for them and by other people in their time. The study discusses the concept of jewels, gemstones, their names, types that were known during the first Abbasid period, the regions of their existence in the Islamic and non-Islamic countries and the ways to find them either in land or water. The study also investigates the kinds of people who owned the gemstones either the caliphs, princes, or ordinary people and the role of gemstones in the society of the first Abbasid period. © 2018 DAR Publishers/The University of Jordan. All Rights Reserved.
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JournalDirasat: Human and Social Sciences
PublisherUniversity of Jordan
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