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The effective use of the new technology into schools in the arab world, particularly in uae
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This study discusses the importance of educational technology and the means of implementing its use in colleges and schools in the Arab world particularly in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). It aims to find answers to the following questions: Do the teachers of all the subjects in teacher training centres view this new technology as really useful and worth implementing? Are the facilities (rooms, labs) suitable and enough? Do the teachers regard the use of this technology positive? The researcher in this study depended mainly on three data instruments: Questionnaire, interview and classroom observation. The researcher followed the deliberative approach of analysing the questionnaire and previous studies regarding integrating new technology into schools with the aim of highlighting the most important recommendations. One of these questionnaires was directed to schoolteachers. My aims are to see what they think of the implementation of technology and how far they are prepared to utilize its resources, and to find out what kind of training they had in their faculties of education prior to their graduations and whether they had any kind of further training in the use of modern technology. Another questionnaire was directed to school administrators and some administrators in the ministry of education, to find out how far they are ready of enthusiastic to provide such means of encourage teacher to use them. An important finding of the survey was that the courses in educational technology, which the teachers studied in their college, had great impact on their professional performance, particularly in the area of production, use and selection. Despite this fact they demand that the number of these courses be increased and the courses developed. Educational technology labs, studios, rooms, stores, etc... Are not given enough consideration or attention in U.A.E schools, thought the concept of the field itself and its importance appeared here quarter of a century ago. Education technology has been given lip service only. The study concludes that the attitudes of the teachers towards the use of education technology were really positive. They are all convinced with its benefits and happy to make use of it in their teaching. Almost all teachers maintain that it’s necessary to have specialists and expert in education technology in schools to help teachers produce their own materials; look after the maintenance of equipment and to keep these resources up-to-date.
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JournalInternational Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED)
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