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The educational role of the media in building and consolidating social values

Published in College of Educational Sciences, Jerash University, Jordan
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Pages: 149 - 172

This study aims at displaying the effective extent of the educational role of the ‎Mass Media in establishing, implanting and sustaining the community values of the Emirati ‎youth and trying to surmount anything that could negatively affects its role in forming the ‎positive value system that fulfills the present requirements and the future expectations ‎‎.The study is descriptive exposing the survey program applied on a sample of 200 young ‎Emirati individuals of both sex using the survey tools besides the scientific meeting and ‎observation. The study ended with a group of results; its main prominent ones are as ‎following: the TV is the most influential and effective Mass Media in establishing the ‎Emeriti character and introducing the educational and society values. Secondly, the radio, ‎then the internet. More than a half of the sample agreed that the Mass Media has an ‎educational role in implanting the citizenship and loyalty values which outstands the culture ‎phase of the Emeriti society. However, more than 30% of the sample approved the lack of ‎communication between the educational system and the community. The family is one of ‎the most effective factors either in acquiring the qualities of a citizen or preparing him/her ‎culturally and socially. Secondly is the factor of the surrounding environment and society. ‎However, the Mass Media came in the third place. The most important recommendation: ‎The necessity of creating a communication between the educational and community ‎systems and the members of the society to display the problems and challenges that ‎obstructs the prevailing and sustaining of the educational values. This will be accomplished ‎via increasing the Mass Media educational programs‏.‏

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JournalFaculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Jerash in Jordan
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