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The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Azimuth Variations of the Electromagnetic Component of Cosmic Air Showers at Ground Level

Published in JARDCS
Volume: 12
Issue: 08
Pages: 524 - 529

The electromagnetic component of extensive Air showers, created when a cosmic ray particle enters the top of the atmosphere, is highly dependent on the density of the atmosphere, the magnetic field of the Earth, and, consequently, the azimuthal direction of these particles. When a high-energy cosmic ray particle enters the top of the Earth’s atmosphere, it interacts with air molecules and creates a cascade of secondary charged particles. This process will be repeated until the energy of the induced particles is not enough to cause more interactions. Even though, these particles can make it through the atmosphere to the ground, they will be deflected with the magnetic field of the Earth. Therefore, a good understanding of the effect helps us to better understand their propagation in the atmosphere and identify their first interaction point. In addition, cosmic air showers that arrive first to the detection level experience less attenuation in the atmosphere than charged particles arriving later, which creates a variation in the density of the detected particles on the ground. In this paper, we discuss the effect of the magnetic field of the Earth and the zenith dependence on the electromagnetic component of air showers electrons and positrons at the surface.

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