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The discrete fractional duffing system: Chaos, 0-1 test, C 0complexity, entropy, and control
Ouannas A., Khennaoui A.-A., , Pham V.-T.
Published in American Institute of Physics Inc.
PMID: 32872811
Volume: 30
Issue: 8
In this paper, we study the dynamics and control of a Caputo fractional difference form of the Duffing map. We use phase plots, bifurcation diagrams, and Lyapunov exponents to establish the existence of chaos over a wide range of fractional orders and examine the nature of the dynamics. Also, we present the 0-1 test to detect chaos and C 0 complexity, which is an alternative nonlinear statistical measure that can quantify the regularity of a time series. In addition, we measure the approximate entropy to see the performance of our numerical results. Through phase plots and bifurcation diagrams, it is shown that the proposed fractional map exhibits a range of different dynamical behaviors including chaos and coexisting attractors. A one-dimensional feedback stabilization controller is proposed. The asymptotic convergence of the proposed controller is established by means of the stability theory of linear fractional order discrete-time systems. Simulation results have been carried out to illustrate the findings of the study. © 2020 Author(s).
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JournalData powered by TypesetChaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science
PublisherData powered by TypesetAmerican Institute of Physics Inc.
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