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The Aesthetic of the Interior Design in the Traditional Residential Buildings in the UAE; Between the Individual Interest and Heritage

Published in
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Pages: 135 - 144

The current research aims at introducing the architectural values of interior design features in the traditional residential architecture in the UAE along with their relationships with the socio-economic and ecological issues. Such norms have helped crystallize character transforming it into a distinctive expressive identity reflecting the interests of both, individual & community. Given the rapid economic and cultural development, and intending to cope with the contemporary demands, new features of interior design in the residential architecture have appeared and gradually detached themselves from the inherited conventions with less absorbency of the old traditions and even less self-esteem. Although such features occasionally attempted to (only pretentiously) assume the inherited identity, these attempts were confined to the superficial decorative style with no real attention to its psychological and spiritual effects or the real interaction with the needs and interests of individuals. Such needs were genuinely met through the traditional interior design features and characteristics of the residential architecture, which have reflected various facts throughout history.

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JournalInternational Design Journal
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