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مفهوم حماية البيئة في الدستور الجزائري

, Ali ibrahim Benderrah
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The Algerian legislation has neglected the subject of environment as a result of historical , economic and political matters. All of these matters have led to the delay of having an environmental legislation in Algeria. At the beginning of the 80s and exactly in 1983 , the first law concerning environment has been issued .The protection of environment has not been constitutionalized until 2016. This study tries to put the light at the beginning of the establishment of the protection of the environment from the constitutional viewpoint by concentrating on the constitutional bases of the environment protection in the first part of this study ; and in the second part , the constitutional means of this protection .We will put the light on the most important means established by the constitutional amendement of 2016 whic can have a great effect on environmental matters in Algeria : it is the ability given to individuals to appeal on consitutionality of laws. ‫المفتاحية‬ ‫الكلمات‬ : .‫الفراد‬ ‫حق‬ ،‫الجزائري‬ ‫التشريع‬ ،‫البيئة‬ ‫حماية‬ ‫زيارة‬ ‫يرجى‬ ‫المقال‬ ‫لتحميل‬ ‫موقع‬ ‫العلمية‬ ‫للمجلت‬ ‫الجزائرية‬ ‫العلمية‬ ‫البوابة‬ ASJP-‫على‬ ، : ‫التالي‬ ‫الرابط‬

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