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Statistical analysis of refractivity in UAE
Published in AIP
Volume: 923
Pages: 232 - 247
This paper presents the results of the refractivity statistics in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for a period of 14 years (1990-2003). Six sites have been considered using meteorological surface data (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain, Ras Al-Kaimah, and Al-Fujairah). Upper air (radiosonde) data were available at one site only, Abu Dhabi airport, which has been considered for the refractivity gradient statistics. Monthly and yearly averages are obtained for the two parameters, refractivity and refractivity gradient. Cumulative distributions are also provided. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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    Atmospheric propagation
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    Atmospheric refractivity index
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