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Solving singular two-point boundary value problems using continuous genetic algorithm
Abu Arqub O., Abo-Hammour Z., , Shawagfeh N.
Published in
Volume: 2012
In this paper, the continuous genetic algorithm is applied for the solution of singular two-point boundary value problems, where smooth solution curves are used throughout the evolution of the algorithm to obtain the required nodal values. The proposed technique might be considered as a variation of the finite difference method in the sense that each of the derivatives is replaced by an appropriate difference quotient approximation. This novel approach possesses main advantages; it can be applied without any limitation on the nature of the problem, the type of singularity, and the number of mesh points. Numerical examples are included to demonstrate the accuracy, applicability, and generality of the presented technique. The results reveal that the algorithm is very effective, straightforward, and simple. Copyrigh © 2012 Omar Abu Arqub et al.
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JournalAbstract and Applied Analysis
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