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Smile perception in dentistry

Published in Cairo University Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages: 53 - 60

Perception aesthetics is a philosophy which expresses an understanding of how smiles and consequently how results of aesthetic dentistry are perceived.

It further studies what influences the perception of size, color and shape of teeth.

Beyond rectifying problems for individual teeth, however, patients are often concerned with the collective appearance of the alignment of their teeth.

Through cosmetic bonding and laminate veneers, the dentist can control tooth shape by adding or taking away from the tooth, crown, or laminate.

The first Golden Proportion relationship, and the most important to be discovered, is a simple tooth to tooth Golden Proportion used for the determination of the tooth size.

From the facial perspective, tooth proportions are guided by the Golden Proportion This article on aesthetic dentistry explores the principles of smile design, such as centreline, symmetry, smile line, incisal plane, gingival aesthetics, proportion and axial alignment…etc.

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JournalCairo Dental Journal
PublisherCairo University Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
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