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Smartphone-controlled localisation and management of indoor devices using the internet of things
Published in Akademi Sains Malaysia
Volume: 2017
Issue: Specialissue1
Pages: 64 - 68
In the recent past, the growth of the Internet along with the widespread use of smart devices has resulted in an increased demand to connectdevices to the Internet a.k.a the Internet of Things (IoT). Using the concept of IoT, indoor smart devices including home appliances could be connected to better manage their use. Hence, IoT could be used to manage the use of indoor devices in an efficient way, if we had an algorithm to localise the devices and to control their use of energy using smartphones. A number of studies have already been conducted in the past targeting either localisation or monitoring of devices, but to the best of our knowledge, there isn't a single solution that treats both of these problems at one place. Thus, the objective of this work was to devise efficient algorithms that enables the localisation of home appliances without the use of GPS through smartphone sensors including the gyroscope and accelerometer. Moreover, we intended to use the concept of IoT to monitor and control the energy use of indoor devices. Measurements would be taken from the smart indoor devices related totheir consumption of energy, thus helping to identify which devices were consuming more energy than desired due to some problems. The indoor devices including the home appliances would be controlled and their usage would be better managed via a smartphone. This included, for example, switching on an air conditioner or a geyser via the Internet before getting into the home, or the ability to detect that a refrigerator might be consuming more energy than desired due to some malfunctions The smartphone application would also have information about which devices are currently running (and which are off), and how much total energy isconsumed at a particular instant, or in a period of time.
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JournalASM Science Journal
PublisherAkademi Sains Malaysia
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