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Smartphone-based Indoor Tracking System for Firefighters in Action

N. A. Nazir, N. Dawood, R. A. Karim, M. S. Younis, , , S. Basiratzadeh
Published in N&N Global Technology

Loss of communication with the base station when a firefighter's radio signal is blocked by building walls can have serious consequences. In case of GPS failure, firemen often run into danger, unable to track their way out and transmit their whereabouts to the base station. Indoor Tracking System presented in this paper serves as a solution to this problem. It is an economical system that provides wireless on-site communication to transmit real-time position information of a firefighter in danger by tracking and tracing the firefighter’s incident path. The implementation of this system involves the fusion of data from various sensors acquired from an Androidbased Smartphone. The successful testing and analysis of distance calculation by the system is also presented.

About the journal
JournalProc. of The International Conference on Computer Technology and Information Systems
PublisherN&N Global Technology
Open AccessNo