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Smart Prediction System for Facial Paralysis
Ridha A.M., , Yacoub P., Al-Balawneh K.,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 321 - 327
Paralysis is the loss of muscle functions in any part of the body at any age and can be temporary or permanent. Many times, temporary paralysis can be treated by physical therapy without using high potency drugs. In this paper, a smart and innovative system is proposed and developed to help bell's palsy patients with temporary facial paralysis, by automating the physiotherapy at the comfort of patients' home using a 3D printed design. The proposed prototype performs the facial physiotherapy, as prescribed by the physiotherapist using a smartphone application. Furthermore, a smart app is also proposed and presented in this paper to perform intelligent face mapping, data-logging and progression functions for the patients to visualize improvements in their health conditions. © 2020 IEEE.