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Simulation and modeling: Current technologies and applications
{El Sheikh} Abdel Rahman Asim, {Al Ajeeli} Abid, Abu-Taieh M.O. Evon,
Published in
Pages: 1 - 456
The science of simulation and modeling (SM) strives to showcase the highest possible level of reality in order to determine the conditions necessary for optimal performance. SM is a multifaceted and complex field due to the numerous applications involved, particularly since SM applications range from nuclear reaction to supermarket queuing. Simulation and Modeling: Current Technologies and Applications includes examinations of current issues related to simulation such as: Web-based simulation, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. This book combines different methods, views, theories and applications of simulations into one volume and offers insight into the computer science aspect of simulation and modeling while integrating the business practices of SM. {\textcopyright} 2008 by IGI Global. All rights reserved.
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JournalSimulation and Modeling: Current Technologies and Applications
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