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Sarcoidosis - Three Clinical Vignettes with a Short Review
P V Kishore, R Poudel, B Poudel, , P Mishra
Published in Journal of Nepal Medical Association (JNMA)
PMID: 18340373
Volume: 46
Issue: 168
Pages: 194 - 198
Sarcoidosis is a multi system disorder of unknown cause most commonly affecting the young and middle age adults and frequently presents bilateral hilar lymph-adenopathy. The diagnosis of sarcoidosis is often delayed following the onset of symptoms. The reason being first, the disease is often sub clinical; second as the disease affects any system, the diagnosis of sarcoidosis may not be considered; third, the symptoms are not disease specific hence often treated as other chronic pulmonary diseases; finally economic issues or barriers to access for further workup may affect the timeliness of the diagnosis. No laboratory diagnosis is specific for diagnosing sarcoidosis but histological confirmation from the lymph nodes accessible for biopsy either direct or by intervention may be more specific.
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JournalJournal of the Nepal Medical Association
PublisherJournal of Nepal Medical Association (JNMA)
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