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Rise of Experiential Marketing in Emerging Markets: An Analysis of Advertising in Experiential Markets

Published in IGI Global Discriminator of knowledge
Pages: 284 - 312

This chapter aims to contribute towards the improvement of using Experiential Marketing as a business model in Emerging Markets. This chapter also clarifies how experiential marketing fits within the Emerging marketing climate, and how to go about planning and evaluating it for best results. It provides examples focused on Emerging Markets ethics, market mix strategies, customer brand consumption experience and consumer word of mouth. The finding suggests how Experiential Marketing strategies can best utilize marketing communication channels to achieve Emerging Markets objectives. This chapter will encourage companies and brands in Emerging Markets to look into using experiential advertising in their marketing strategies. The chapter will focus on highlighting the connection between Emerging Markets and Experiential Marketing in different aspects, which then will be analyzed in order to determine how functional and successful Experiential Marketing can be. It concludes with analysis of demonstrating views from the public and experiential specialists.

About the journal
JournalEthical and Social Perspectives on Global Business Interaction in Emerging Markets
PublisherIGI Global Discriminator of knowledge
Open AccessNo