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Prevalence of most common tongue lesions among a group of UAE population: retrospective study

Published in Oncology and Radiotherapy
Volume: 1
Issue: 46
Pages: 1 - 5

Objective: The goal of the current study is to identify the prevalence of most common tongue lesions that can be diagnosed during routine dental checkups among a group of UAE population and to assess the correlation with age, gender and habits. Materials and Methods: The dental records of patients with tongue lesions visiting the college of dentistry Ajman University from 2016 till 2019 were retrospectively revised taking into consideration the age, gender, the anatomical site, the type and the histopathological nature of the lesion. Microsoft Excel and SPSS 22.0 were used to analyze the gathered data for subsequent interpretation. Results: The study population consisted of 70 patients both males and females whose tongue lesions were examined and diagnosed clinically during their visit to the Dental clinic of Ajman University. Out of a total of 70 cases 54 males and 16 females with a ratio of about 3:1. The majority of patients are in the 21-40 years age range (71.4%). The fissured tongue was one of the most common abnormalities affecting 40% of the subjects followed by geographic tongue with a prevalence of 14%. Smoking melanosis and frictional keratosis were found in the least no of cases (1.4%). Smoking was significantly correlated to the oral lesion. Conclusion: The tongue lesion was more prevalent among males than females with a significant correlation with smoking habit.

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