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Patterns of Cultural Practices Amongst Digital Native Young. Case Study of Gulf Youth Living in Ajman

Published in
Volume: 12
Issue: 9
Pages: 67 - 91

The paper presents the subject of cultural practices among Gulf youth by answering a main problem, which is the essence of these practices, how the primary upbringing circles contribute to their acquisition and how the information and communication technologies influence them. To answer this problem, we conducted a field exploratory study that follows the quantitative approach through social-survey technology in the sample. A resolution distributed to a random, disproportionate sample of 164 young Gulf citizens living in the city of Ajman. The study found that the role of familial socialization was important especially in guiding cultural practices for young people and identifying the most prominent practices, as sport was at the forefront, followed by the Internet navigation, the use of communication applications and then the artistic and cultural practices in general. The study also revealed that the youth prefer paper-based books in regard to reading and prefer field visits to museums and galleries rather than virtual visits, as opposed to the practice of listening to music, on which young people rely heavily, and not exclusively, on Internet usage.

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JournalJournal Of Xi'an University Of Architecture & Technology
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