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Outdoor Active Water-Harvesting and Dehumidification System
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 297 - 302
An electrical outdoor system designed to harvest water from the atmospheric humidity and assist in improving visibility in foggy weather is presented in this paper. The system named (Oceanus) is a tri-mode prototype that demonstrates the use of the Thermoelectric coolers and sensors in atmospheric water vapor harvesting, fog dissipation, and humidity adjustment through condensation; in contrast to the traditional hard-to-deploy and limited non-electrical passive techniques like fog catchers and humidity traps that are used in elevated terrain to obtain water. The compact, environment-friendly, cost and power efficient system extracts water directly from the atmosphere for storage or direct use, and the portability of the design allows for different flexible applications depending on the need of the user and the number of units. In countries with a high humidity index where temperatures and infection rates are high, Oceanus may contribute to the reduction of humidity levels and create a healthier and comfortable environment if it covers a relatively sufficient area. © 2019 IEEE.