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Optimization of out-of-band impedance environment for linearity improvements of microwave power transistors
, , Z. Yusoff, J. Lees, J. Benedikt, P. Tasker
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Pages: 219 - 223
This paper introduces a novel method that allows the presentation of specific, broadband impedances to a DUT by loadpull. To investigate this method, a derivative of class J power amplifier termed BJ is emulated, which effectively lies between class J and class B along the reactive routes on the Smith chart. The mode helps explore baseband linearization approach and its suitability when using continuous mode architectures. Adopting out-of-band impedance optimization technique allows to present impedances and move progressively from a completely real set of loads to completely imaginary set of loads in a deterministic and systematic way. This further extends a view to look at how well the emulated mode linearizes at a set of BJ contour points along the way. The method uses multiple modulated signal sources, phase synchronized at both radio frequency (RF) and intermediate frequency (IF) to provide a complete multi-harmonic broadband loadpull capability controlled by a single local oscillator and allows complete impedance control at the DUT current generator plane. © 2018 IEEE.
Concepts (5)
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    Broadband impedance
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    Harmonic loadpull
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    Power amplifiers
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    Phase coherence