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Optimal Content Caching in Content-Centric Networks
, Faiza Qazi, Osman Khalid, , Imran Ali Khan
Published in Hindawi
Volume: 2019
Pages: 1 - 15
Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is a novel architecture that is shifting host-centric communication to a content-centric infrastructure. In recent years, in-network caching in CCNs has received significant attention from research community. To improve the cache hit ratio, most of the existing schemes store the content at maximum number of routers along the downloading path of content from source. While this helps in increased cache hits and reduction in delay and server load, the unnecessary caching significantly increases the network cost, bandwidth utilization, and storage consumption. To address the limitations in existing schemes, we propose an optimization based in-network caching policy, named as opt-Cache, which makes more efficient use of available cache resources, in order to reduce overall network utilization with reduced latency. Unlike existing schemes that mostly focus on a single factor to improve the cache performance, we intend to optimize the caching process by simultaneously considering various factors, e.g., content popularity, bandwidth, and latency, under a given set of constraints, e.g., available cache space, content availability, and careful eviction of existing contents in the cache. Our scheme determines optimized set of content to be cached at each node towards the edge based on content popularity and content distance from the content source. The contents that have less frequent requests have their popularity decreased with time. The optimal placement of contents across the CCN routers allows the overall reduction in bandwidth and latency. The proposed scheme is compared with the existing schemes and depicts better performance in terms of bandwidth consumption and latency while using less network resources. © 2019 Faiza Qazi et al.
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