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On the inequality of cultures [Sobre la desigualdad de las culturas]
Published in Universidad del Zulia
Volume: 26
Issue: 59
Pages: 61 - 86
This essay critiques the position of multiculturalism, a philosophico-political movement which is in vogue nowadays and that defends cultural equality, but this equality is not implied in the natural equality of men, and relativism, which defends cultural equality, presents problems from a logical point of view. The notion of equality itself would lead to the paradoxical conclusion that societies which are egalitarian are superior to those hierarchical ones. In the same manner, it is valuable to outline West's singularity with respect to other cultures. But to reject cultural equality does not exclude a limited form of multiculturalism.
About the journal
JournalRevista de Filosofia (Venzuela)
PublisherUniversidad del Zulia
Open AccessNo