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Noise in SOI MOSFETs and gate-all around transistors
Iñiguez B., Lázaro A., , Pailloncy G., Dambrine G., Danneville F.
Published in
Volume: 780
Pages: 269 - 274
In this paper, we discuss the RF noise properties of SOI MOSFETs, and we present a suitable model for nanoscale fully-depleted SOI MOSFETs, which is derived from a compact quasi-static SOI MOSFET model by properly extending it to the high frequency regime, using the active line approach and taking into account all the extrinsic parameters. We have used a physically-based noise modeling which takes account diffusion related fluctuations; this allows to study fundamental noise parameters close to the current noise sources and to discuss the downscaling of these noise sources. Finally, we have extended our study to Double-Gate devices, using as a basis a quasi-static model recently presented. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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