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New media role in social crisis management 'the crisis of illegal immigration as a model'
Published in Natural Sciences Publishing
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Pages: 685 - 702
It progressed to the multiplicity and complexity of crises resulting from the development of lifestyles, the entry of international societies, the era of digital communication and industrial intelligence, and as a result, those interesting scenes were transferred to poor societies that lack the awareness necessary to analyze viewing processes, which push young people to adventure and traverse the seas and oceans to change patterns Their lives without possessing the specializations, skills, experience and funds needed for them to change, which led to major problems that are being discussed at the international, regional and national levels to address this problem and the resulting effects. Therefore, one of the objectives of the research was to shed light on illegal immigration as an international problem with national privileges, and to identify the role that the new media plays in limiting its harmful effects and its employment potentials. Addressing the effects of the illegal immigration problem. The research has reached a number of findings and recommendations. one of the important: - The results from the applied study showed that 38% of the sample are interested in social crises, 20% are concerned with economic crises, 19% are concerned with health crises, and only 19% are concerned with political crises, and 5% are concerned with other crises. This confirms that social crises are more important to respondents than other crises - The results of the applied study showed that 37% of the study sample believe that illegal immigration has negative effects on the immigrant and the society to which he migrates and the society from which he migrates, compared to 24% believe that the immigrant is the one who is affected. And it turns out that 22% believe that the society to which the immigrant migrates is the one who will be affected. And 17% considered the immigrant community the only victim and the affected. - The results of the study indicated that the majority of the respondents call for conducting research and studies to find out the causes and motives of migration and organizing information campaigns to educate young people about the negative effects resulting from it. As the percentage of those who believe in this treatment reached 56% of the study sample. By this we come to a conclusion concluding that the new media channels have a major role in managing the migration crisis, but this role depends on employing communication sites in every country in a national media program that creates sites supervised by influential young professionals to form a public opinion that rejects illegal immigration. © 2020 NSP Natural Sciences Publishing Cor.
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JournalJournal of Statistics Applications & Probability
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