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Hanan Atef Kamal El-Din,
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Blended learning has become the norm in large enterprises today as a method for deliveringacademic courses to large diverse student. Teachers have been blending or integrating differenttypes of learning activities and resources in classroom, laboratory, practicum, studio contexts for

a very long time. Today, the term ‘blended learning’ has evolved to mean the integration of

classroom learning with online or

e learning

”. That’s mean rethinking how class is structured,

how time is used, and how limited online resources are allocated.Channing to blended learning implies a big, complicated, multifaceted project. It requires a lot ofsupport building before starting and communication during implementation. The term designing blended learning in the paper aims to enable the features of a successful course goals andoutcomes to be applied to a blended teaching methods so these may also promote successfuloutcomes for students and staff. When a learning design is applied to course development thedesign forms a structure of interrelated pedagogical processes. This paper main objective is todescribe the Structure of redesigning and developing a higher education graphic design coursewith a blended learning focus, done by a group of Emirates College of technology assistant professors, which can be used as a mind map by teaching staff. Authors were in charge to designa new pilot project in graphic design and animation diploma as a Step towards implementing blended learning curriculums in the college. This paper will capture the authors practices toassist graphic design teacher in answering key questions about how they can deliver the variouscomponents of a well-designed blended learning course, and the choices teachers may havewhich include fiscal live classroom or virtual, workshops, websites, job aids, simulations, books(hard copy or virtual) and many, many other choices. The paper conceder the Benefits of blendedlearning implementation that expound from activity, subject, course, and university perspectiveare the main results of this paper, blended learning include problem based, project-based andauthentic learning tasks and learning methods which are very important for graphic designteaching.

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