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Muslim Architecture Under Seljuk Patronage ( 1038-1327 )
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The Seljuks were the first Turkish dynasty to rule the Muslim World reviving the dying Caliphate. Their arrival introduced a fresh inspiration marked by their religious devotion and strong leadership. This period is renown for the spread of two unique building complexes; the caravanserais, which denoted the Seljuk's enthusiasm to trade and commerce and the Madrassa, which reflected their desire to promote learning. This engendered prosperity and produced the desired intellectual and artistic revival for architectural and decorative activities. This article concentrates on the architectural and artistic contribution of this dynasty. In its first stage, the analysis deals with some of the most prominent edifices of this period based on their innovative character. Later, the emphasis shifts to assess the Seljuk's contribution to further development of Muslim architecture through a summary of the key architectural elements they introduced.
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