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Mothers' attitude toward digit sucking habits in children of United Arab Emirates

Published in
Volume: 33
Pages: 37 - 46

• The purposes of this study were to evaluate maternal attitudes and knowledge towards digit sucking habits and to investigate the association between various factors and the presence of these habits. A cross-sectional sample of 150 mothers of children currently engaged in digit sucking habits were interviewed. The information collected was from a questionnaire completed by the mothers. The analyzed data regarding the mothers revealed that younger mothers represented 54% of the sample, 47.3% were well-educated and 70.0% were unemployed. Regarding the children, female children (65.3%) practiced digit habits more than males, and 45.3% of the children were younger than 3 years of age. Significant factors associated with maternal attitudes towards digit sucking habit included: 88.6% of mothers never tolerated this habit, 75.0% of the mothers were unemployed and provided instruction to cease the habit, and 89.9% of the mothers never sought advice from a dentist. Overall, mothers did not view digit sucking habits to be an acceptable behavior regardless of their nationality. Mothers indicated that they tried to stop the habit with a variety of techniques but without any professional advice. The study concludes that mothers would benefit from receiving information about a motivational program, professional advice, and suggestions to discourage this habit.

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JournalInt J Orofacial Myology
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