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Mobile Based Robotic Wireless Path Controller
Ali Dahir Muna, Obaid Alyaa, Ali Aisha, , A. Abou-Elnour
Published in
Volume: 8
Issue: 2
For the past decade robotic systems have been successfully used to perform specific tasks with various degree of intelligence. Now-a-days, commercial robotics solutions are focusing more on personal services. Personal services robots are designed with necessary mobility and functional capabilities so that they can operate in a wide range of environments and can provide variety of services including health care, educational, domestic chore, entertainment and rehabilitation. These personal robots perform various tasks and duties that are often unpredictable in nature. But, there are some technological challenges that need yet to be resolved. Integrating a robotic system with its components is usually a very complex task. Developing a modular robotic system that can perform well in various environments is also challenging. In addition robots should be provided with necessary skills so that they can perform various tasks. Keeping all these challenges in mind we presents a networked robotic system in this paper. The system is controlled by a smart phone. The path followed by the robot can be monitored via an LED panel. In order to control the operation an Android OS mobile application has been developed. Through this application a user can set a path for the robot to follow or can choose a path from a set of already defined paths. We tested our system in a controlled environments and the test results show that the robot can follow a path (either user defined or chosen) with a high accuracy.
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JournalNetwork Protocols and Algorithms
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