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Limits to zones of simultaneous tripping in multi-terminal lines
, Hasan Imam M.
Published in Publ by IEE, London, United Kingdom
Issue: 302
Pages: 326 - 330
A technique to quantitatively determine the limits to zones of simultaneous tripping, considering the effects of various system parameters' uncertainties, is presented. The relay reach is modelled as a function of these parameters, and mathematical programming is used to determine its optimum value, satisfying the specified set of system constraints. Simulation results are presented for different types of faults on a three-terminal line considering factors such as transmission line parameter uncertainties, metering errors, and variations in load requirements, source impedances and the charging currents.
About the journal
Journal1989 Fourth International Conference on Developments in Power Protection
PublisherPubl by IEE, London, United Kingdom
Open AccessNo