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التكييف القانوني للعمل من بعد: دراسة مقارنة= Legal System of Teleworking: A Comparative Study

Published in Zarqa University
Volume: 341
Issue: 7643
Pages: 1 - 21

The purpose of this research is to identify the legal system of teleworking. This has been done through an introduction, three studies, an analytical descriptive approach and a comparative legal approach. The first topic deals with the definition and importance of teleworking. The second topic talked about the adjustment of teleworking and its pillars. The third study talked about the provisions teleworking and the research stated the relationship of teleworking with digital technology. The research has also shown the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely for the worker. in addition, the research stated the dismissal of teleworking and the provisions of this chapter. The research has shown the social influences to work remotely. The Search had reached a set of conclusions and the most important findings of the research that the employment contract" remote" is substantially connected to modern …

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JournalZarqa Journal for Research and Studies in Humanities
PublisherZarqa University
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