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Leading with Agility (Topics: Change and innovation, agile thinking, artificial intelligence, technological advancement, boundariless economy) at International Leadership Symposium in American University of Sharjah

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Technological advancements and breakthroughs are quickly reconfiguring industry boundaries and landscapes, altering the traditional ways of acting, thinking and behaving. In the era of disruptive change and borderless economy, espousing an ecosystem mindset to adopt innovative business models that are not only sustainable but also have far-reaching positive spillover effects represents one of the most critical challenges facing leaders in today’s organizations. More than ever, decision makers across regions, sectors and areas of activity acknowledge that in times of uncertainty and volatility, it is people—with their ingenuity, skills and unique talents—who are vital for continuous progress and success. By appreciating the value of placing humanistic, ethical and responsible management principles at the heart of leadership requirements, several corporations were enabled to overcome extant challenges of change and innovation. Yet, many others continue to struggle and remain ill-equipped for navigating through the rapidly evolving realities of the business world. There is a pressing need to revisit current assumptions for conceptualizing new paradigms of leadership, deeply rooted in the ideas of meaningfulness, pluralism and inclusiveness, that would allow successfully leading into the future.

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