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Knowledge sharing intention and consumer perception in social networking sites

Published in
Volume: 17
Issue: 4
Pages: 348 - 359
Social networking sites (SNSs) are vital sources for knowledge sharing for various travellers in a contemporary environment. The present study aims to examine the knowledge sharing intention by travellers on SNSs through factors such as perceived ease of use, switching cost, integrity perception and subjective norms. A conceptual model was developed and tested using structural equation modelling technique. The data, to test the model, was collected from 341 respondents who use online travelling services in UAE. The findings of data analyses show that the selected factors and integrity perception, subjective norms, switching cost and perceived ease of use, have a positive and significant impact on the knowledge sharing intention. There have not been too many studies in this area thus far and therefore, the present study has both practical and theoretical implications and relevance.
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JournalWorld Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
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