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KADISρ-based diabetes management in United Arab Emirates
E. Salzsieder, P. Augstein, L. Vogt, E.-J. Freyse, K.-D. Kohnert, , , , , Show More
Published in
Volume: 25
Issue: 2
Pages: 221 - 229
KADIS® (Karlsburger Diabetes Management System) is a successfully tested software program that can be used in an interactive manner as a Disease Management Program (DMP) to optimize a person's daily diabetes treatment regimen. It is based on individual insulin/glucose sensitivity characterization by applying data from a continuous glucose monitoring system. A single center, prospective, open-label study was performed in 18 insulin-dependent diabetic patients. Twelve of 18 subjects completed the pilot study. The primary outcomes were. HbA1c reduction by 1.2% (p<0.05) and mean blood glucose reduction by 1.9 mmol/l (p<0.05). The secondary outcomes revealed a significant reduction of hypo- and hyperglycaemic episodes from 48% to 24% per day (50% reduction, p<0.05). Reduction of insulin requirements was only significant in type 2 diabetes (-11.0 IU, p<0.05), whereas in type I a non significant slight increase in insulin requirements by 0.4 IU was observed. The overall reductions in insulin requirements by 1.4 IU per day and of caloric intake by 1.2 BU per day were not significant. The reduction of HbA1c by 1.2% suggests the following: (i) study subjects benefited from the study; (ii) the KADIS® recommendations were reliable, and useful for physicians and acceptable to patients, and (iii) the DCC®-model for diabetes care was applicable in the Arabian environment. The pilot study provides proof of concept for the DCC® model for the UAE. The DCC®-model was applicable and has a high potential to contribute substantially to improvement of diabetes care in the UAE.
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JournalEmirates Medical Journal
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