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Universities are considered the highest educational institutions that are earmark by providing what the community needs and the development processes of specialists in all field and domains. It is the foundation Center for Scientific and applied research, without which is difficult to make any cognitive progress, as well as it bears a unique responsibility for the direction of public service in the community.
Moreover, the higher education is obliged to provide service to the community, but shared its activity as a social institution affects what surrounds it, and vice versa. Where the main goal of this research-project “Interior Design for the Newly Married Dwellers” is to provide community service through the experiences of Department of Interior Design’ Instructors - College of Engineering at Ajman University of Science and Technology. The project target the young newly married a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, to provide them with advice and counseling on how to coordinate and furnishing and design housing the beginning of their living conditions.

There is two main points related to such type of project. First: activating the role of the university in the definition for the society’ problems and identifying it. Second: addressing tools to provide help and advice in solving these problems.

The main problem within this project, in newly married dwellers, that young people need advice and counseling on how to coordinate, furnishing and design their home at the beginning of their lives and how to achieve their desires to reach living aspects corresponding with financial and budget availability.

Usually, as it is commonly to be at the mercy of some greedy’ contractors, the limited young people experience in the implementation of works costly and contrary to the standards in a way, in addition to the price funds by including specific budget which may outweigh and exceed the young newly married possibilities.

As mentioned above, the project-proposal will be divide to two main parts. First part is theoretical to be involve to the public service projects in general. Second part is related to the role of universities and their importance in finding solutions to community problems.

Contribution to its solution as one of its tasks, universities should address interpretations and studies through several points:

  1. Identify the public services’ projects
  2. The role of the university in community service projects
  3. Integration role of interior design with all fields to serve the community
  4. The aim of rectification the community’ concepts about the Interior Design
  5. Ajman University strategy’ scoop to serve the community
  6. The general framework of the implementation strategy of the project-proposal
  7. Steps and stages of the implementation and application of the project-proposal
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