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Integrated social responsibility and its relationship to sustainable development: Multiple case studies on the banking sector in UAE

Published in Arab Administrative Development Organization, League of Arab States
Volume: 2
Issue: 38

Sustainable development issues are now on the spot of all states and institutions internationally, and at
the top of the global agenda. Therefore, the business community in many countries has been strengthening
and increasing the scope of its social responsibilities in the various fields (economic, environmental
and social). In recent years, social responsibility has shifted from a voluntary choice for companies, to
sustainable strategies that contribute to the development of society. Moreover, in this context, the UAE
has accompanied this global trend and merged it into the UAE vision and strategies; by encouraging the
business community to integrate responsible practices into its business and management strategies at all
levels. The banking sector is one of the sectors that applied the integrated and sustainable corporate social
responsibility in UAE.
In this context, this case study with its qualitative approach, which analyzes the integrated and
sustainable corporate responsibility practices in the banks in the Business Ethics Center of the Dubai
Chamber of Sustainability, aims to shed the light on the concept of sustainable marketing and sustainable
social responsibility from an integrated perspective. The research discuss these concepts, and the theoretical
approaches related to it, and reviewed a series of previous studies in that field; in order to monitor and
analyze these practices, to come with its conclusion that could develop the sustainable and integrated social
responsibility practices in Arab institutions and worldwide.
The study concluded with a number of important findings and recommendations, which summarized
into a model for the corporate practices of sustainable social responsibility from an integrated perspective;
in order to achieve the sustainable development of governments globally.

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JournalArab Journal of Administration
PublisherArab Administrative Development Organization, League of Arab States
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