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Innovative solutions inspired by Nature: Sun Corals

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Nature is the main source of inspiration and invention when humans are looking for a better environment and healthier standards of living. Environmental consciousness regarding carbon emissions and natural resource consumption has risen lately. Attempts are applied on a daily basis to provide new solutions for buildings and how to articulate these factors from many aspects to have a remarkable effect on building envelopes change accordingly and adapt to every climatic region. Biomimicry can be utilised in the imitation, production and modelling of design solutions for buildings and is derived from natural creatures. This engineering style has inspired humans to apply it to their lifestyle for a while and we can learn and design eco-buildings which solve building performance criteria issues. Mimicking natural behaviour and how they adapt according to environmental conditions is the key to innovation and a well-founded solution. Sun Coral has been chosen for this paper as a case-study to evaluate its behaviour in different water environments and modes according to its anatomy and adaptation tactics. Some of these strategies are applied to a multi-purpose building in Ajman, U.A.E. and then its performance is assessed through software simulation in terms of heating and cooling loads and daylight factors. Methods applied to the building evaluate its adaptability with respect to climatic conditions, materials nominated, orientation, and shading elements.

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