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Induction of hepatocyte polyploidization in rats of different age by ionizing radiation of different LET

, Giliano N. Ya, Malinovsky O. V
Published in
Volume: 30
Issue: 2
Pages: 191 - 198

A decrease in the effectiveness of neutron-irradiation with respect to fusion of nonproliferating hepatocytes of animals with age was shown by the method of flow cytometry. There was an inverse relationship between the effectiveness of induction of non-proliferating hepatocytes fusion and neutron energy. The process of hepatocyte fusion induced by neutrons was inhibited by uranyl acetate. No age-dependent changes were noted in the induction of polyploidization of proliferating hepatocytes by sparsely ionizing radiation. A hypothesis is proposed concerning a membrane nature of the target responsible for hepatocyte polyploidization induced by densely ionizing radiation. (authors). 8 refs., 4 figs., 5 tabs

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