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Impact of English Language Proficiency on the Academic Performance of Business Students

Published in Asian EFL Journal Press
Volume: 16
Pages: 245 - 272

English language proficiency is one of the primary requirements for admission to the College of Business Administration, a private university in the United Arab Emirates, with Arabic being its widely spoken language. This study focuses on the impact of English proficiency on the academic performance of a heterogeneous sample data of 760 students with diverse nationality, age, gender, study level, and programs, for a chosen semester. The researcher depends on the Expost facto study, as the model of Neil J. Salkind (2010), the data extracted from the students' transcripts, which showed the CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), English language test score and the number of credit hours (Cr.) earned until the semester under study. The researcher keens to examine first, the correlation between the English Language test score obtained by the students and the student's performance. Second, to investigate the proportional forward of the CGPA on related to the number of earned hours accomplished.

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JournalThe Asian ESP Journal
PublisherAsian EFL Journal Press
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