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Human security in Elderly Care Institutions: Sociological Study

Published in EBSCO Publishing
Volume: 47
Issue: 4

The study aimed at identifying elderly fact through verifying characteristics social, health, psychological and managerial problems and that threats human security. Data was collected through questionnaires distributed to the sample group, which consisted of (48) elders. Various appropriate statistical methods have been used to analyze the collected data such as:(Duplicates, percentages, arithmetic averages, and standard deviations) The study concluded the following: The most important human security problems facing elderly were health, then social then psychological and finally Managerial problems summarized. The main reasons for transfer were disability, illness and son's business Engagement .The study finally recommended some recommendations in terms of the institution, the specialist and the programs.

About the journal
JournalJournal of the Social Sciences
PublisherEBSCO Publishing
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