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Globalization culture and the level of Jordanian families' practice of democratic values and human rights with their children
Published in Kuwait University
Volume: 42
Issue: 2
Pages: 181 - 224
This study aims to detect the level of the Jordanian family's practice of democratic values and human rights with their children in the govemorate of Irbid, with regard to globalization. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was developed consisting of 42 paragraphs; the sample of the study consisted of (150) Jordanian families in the govemorate of Irbid representing the three areas in the govemorate (city, village, camp). To obtain analytical results, data was analyzed by using the T-Test, which revealed the presence of statistically significant differences in the level of Jordanian families' adherence to democratic values and human rights while dealing with their children. Such differences were assessed in terms of the study's variables (place of residence, age, gender of household head, educational level, employment). The results of the study showed a rather high level of democratic practices, with an average of 4.59 and an arithmetic standard deviation of 0.97. The study recommended further engagement in sociological and educational studies that aim at raising awareness among Jordanian families, through the relevant institutions, of the importance of adopting democratic and human rights values in their daily practices.
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JournalJournal of the Social Sciences
PublisherKuwait University
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